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The internet is a great place for minority groups to express their opinions. Thus there are plenty of web sites belonging to individuals and groups like this. Many of these sites are defensive; but then, most minorities get that way at times. Some of them are openly dismissive of other viewpoints to the point of rudeness. I try to avoid that where I can and ask that you approach the ravenfamily site with the same level of open-mindedness.

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether a site is serious or not. Other times it's hard to tell if they're playing games. Sometimes I'm serious, sometimes I'm taking the mickey: if you can't work out which is which you probably don't need to bother. I play games as a hobby. One thing this site isn't about is my hobby.

Some sites deliberately cultivate an air of old books or ancient inns, something they're not. "Sign my grimoire and then visit the chat-room for a foaming glass of ale." I quite enjoy many of them, actually. But, this is a web-site. If you meet me face to face, I'll willingly buy you a real drink, if you want. But, until then, why not hack around the site, get annoyed and slag me off to your friends?

this alias...

An alias on the internet helps to preserve anonymity. It don't do this anywhere near as well as some people think, but it's a start. People with material on this site, and some who contribute to the group, have been criticised for using aliasses "I have chosen not to disguise myself - I consider that you're hiding something" said one correspondent. Yes, I was then and I still am. My street name is a pretty open secret on the street, but the internet is a different place. I simply don't have the freedom to express these opinions under my own name without harming some of those close to me. It's a simple trade-off between freedom and privacy and if an alias keeps those around me from being hurt, so be it. Plus, in all honesty, I've had the ffetcher alias (which was thought up in a great hurry when we were moving stuff from someone else's personal site that might have got them into trouble) for ten years now, and it's almost part of me. You may be able to work out who I am, if you read the site in detail. However, if you read it that closely and can make the connection, I'm not too worried that my secret is out.

Note that although all words have power, "ffetcher" is in no way a magickal name, so there'll be no particularly surprising results if you try and imbue me into a crystal and bury it somewhere silly. Most likely someone will dig it up and sell it.

the group and the address...

Yes, there is a group. Not everyone who has contributed to the ravenfamily site is intimately connected with its workings. My own relationship is documented somewhere in the main body of my pages, if you're interested. Some people have found the Nascakiyetl portion of the ravenfamily site unsettling or scary: a few of them have blamed it on the impersonal names used for some of the key players.

Mostly, the group is like any bunch of friends anywhere. Not impersonal, although sometimes closing ranks. Not scary, although that happens at times. Not completely unhinged in the general sense of the word: simply, at various times and to varying degrees, not part of the consensus reality which is upheld by the majority of people.

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