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Please note that some of the pages in this section, and in particular the Flowing Well pages, which are marked in green, contain explicit sexual references. There are no pictures of naked people doing unspeakable things, so there's no point in peeking, but if such material offends you, please surf somewhere else.


These are articles Ive written over the years for various purposes. They almost constitute a set of FAQs, because if more than about two people ask me the same question, Ill normally write it up to get my own thoughts in order - I just work better that way.

Please note that I don't claim to have all the answers, so where an article is a "how to" rather than just a straight textual analysis, it's presented pretty much in the spirit that what one blind idiot can do, someone else can repeat with fewer mistakes.

Some people and particularly my lover accuse me of taking an academic, rather than practical, interest in paganism. In fact I take a very practical interest, but the "academic" point is a fair cop. My professional training is as an engineer and I've taken things apart to see how they work since I was at my father's knee. If my belief system won't stand up to the same scrutiny, then it's not much of a worldview, really. I believe that the following articles are fair summaries of the current state of academic research: if you know better, please share.

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