subject: Neuroscience as applied to magic

When I started writing for the web, the sum total of neuroscience literature available for the amateur related to entoptics and the anaylsis of meditation. Much more has been published for the non-specialist - and great advances have been made in neuroscience itself, with the advent of fMRI techniques. Just as many pagans prefer to stick with anthropology and folklore from the end of the nineteenth century and ignore modern scholarship, many feel threatened by modern advances in understanding the brain. This seems to me to be short-sighted ? if a demonstrable fact threatens your belief system, change the system.

These four articles are the most up-to-date summaries on this site. They?ll give you a starting-point for further reading if you?re interested.

This, on the other hand, is my own work, written to back up its companion article, which was put together for friends. It attempts to mesh everything together in the context of sex-magic. I should point out that the researchers quoted would probably have a fit at the way I?ve done this.

(As the result of a workshop I recently facilitated, a description of a series of hands-on (pun inteded) practical exercises is in preparation.)

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