Ravenfamily FAQ

Welcome to the Ravenfamily FAQ. The aim of this document is to anticipate any inclination of visitors to this site towards emailing the individual residents.

It's not that we don't like getting mail — we do like getting mail — we just don't like getting the same mail over and over again.

If you are considering emailing us, please review the topics below. If your query is covered but you email us anyway, please be aware that you are likely to get a hostile response. This is especially true if you email us anyway in the belief that the answer supplied does not apply to you, unless you are willing and able to demonstrate that you're not just the same dumb fuck in a slightly different wrapper. Once you've seen one episode of the A-Team you've seen 'em all, so you'd better be the equivalent of Murdoch being particularly fucking funny or we're going to switch off the TV. By putting a boot through it.

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