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Contained herein are the virtual domiciles of various children of Raven and some of those whose lives are affected by Him, directly or indirectly. This is a place for Raven Bait, and some of the contents may be disturbing. The opinions and thoughts of any one of the inhabitants do not of necessity reflect the thoughts and opinions of any other. This is the Toolbox, and while the decor of the wallpaper in each room may well reflect the character of its resident, if you look closely you will see that it is invariably padded.



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Frood's Otter Sanctuary


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Black Raven Morris




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Virtual server by the ever so nice folks at Dreamhost. I might be paying for it, but they deserve a mention. All contents of this site copyright the residents, unless otherwise stated. We do not appreciate thievery, and no jokes about corvids and shiny things please. The registered keeper of this site takes no responsibility for the articles published by those in her care, and for those published by herself only if she really must. Any actions undertaken by the reader based upon information contained herein is entirely at the reader's own risk. This is Raven we are talking about here. Think about it. If the reader finds anything offensive or uncomfortably disturbing, tough. Don't complain to me, unless you can do it in an amusing or at least interesting fashion. I shall post credit for the extremely groovy fonts used in the graphics as soon as I can remember where I found the blasted things. If you are the creator, please mail me and I shall credit you immediately. They are jolly good.