A Walk in the Woods

Critical Path Analysis?

A Walk in the Woods started as Elflight, which was intended to be a stand-alone sop to saccharine, written for a friend. As often happens, however, things got out of hand.

Elflight is the first appearance of Eaandur and Ancalime. I’d been chatting with some friends about the problems with presenting the Madeleine material, over a glass or two of wine in a pub (the real version of The Bell) and somehow agreed to write up a new version of a particular ritual, halfway between Madeleine and The Flowing Well.

Elfheart followed after more discussions, as a try-out for the technical part of the Madeleine material. You’ll notice that, as of 2008, the latter is still not finished, so if you want my take on the neuroscience behind The Flowing Well, at the moment you need to read it from this point of view.

Elfshot will eventually record one of my weirdest experiences, which is saying something, I was asked “how can you put the Elfheart material to use if you just want to do a one-off rather than work through the Flowing Well?” I tried my best, in the surreal surroundings of a pub restaurant area, with people I didn’t know that well (although I know them better now).

Elfglade is based on the feedback from two of those friends. When everyone else gets back to me, Elfshot will appear, but I thank this couple for sharing the story with you. By now, Eaandur and Ancalime had lives of their own, so the hook at the end was a shoe-in for describing something else of interest.

Elfsong will describe some interesting discussions and experiments in psycho-acoustics, and will round off Eaandur and Ancalime’s stories. If I were to follow up all the ideas for the pair of them, I’d have a novel. But I have other stuff to do first.

...and Finally The Eldritch Benevento will document some thoughts on props, choreography and triggers which have emerged from the project that was never in the first place meant to be a project.

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