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The Flowing Well

This set of pages is about what is normally referred to as sex magic, so if the concept of magic, sex or any combination of the two is likely to offend you, you might as well stop reading now. This isn't a pornography site with juicy pictures either. What follows is a series of exercises building towards a full-blown ritual built around the motif of a sacred well. The material is one possible "how to", based on discussions of the material on the Great Rite and the Sacred Marriage.

If you've read this far, you already know whether you should be practising safer sex or not. If you should and you're not, no amount of advice on not mixing oil lubricants with latex is going to stop you. I don't approve, but there's no point in lecturing.

These pages were written as gifts for friends (you know who you are). Many appeared earlier on two other sites. One of the great things about assembling them into something half-way coherent is the feedback I've had. This feedback has led me to assemble several additional pages. The last set of pages shows me that I've run out of appropriate titles, so it's probably time to move deeper, rather than wider, so to speak.

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