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The Feast Cantrip

The Nascakiyetl article on Cantrips elsewhere on this site quite rightly points out that the more complex a Working, the harder it is to bind into a cantrip. Recent discussions have cause me to look back atthis very short piece, which may just about be classed as a Cantrip rather than a ritual. It's a Sacred Marriage rite, inspired by a recent Scavenger Hunt target. I don't know if it's possible to construct a complete rite with significantly fewer words. In any case, I offer the words in case others find them useful.

"Heaven and earth are united in marriage"

"Quickened by the Wind,
Warmed by the sun,
Nourished by the Earth,,,

"...the water is become wine."

"The chalice holds the draught of Love,
though we drink from it, it will never be empty."

"For love is the greatest Magic,
the greatest Mystery,
the greatest Truth"

"Blessed are those invited to the feast."

It is left to the able reader to deduce why the symbolism works better with white wine in a red chalice, rather than the more common symbolism of red wine in silver.

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