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Robed in Ritual

I never intended to add actual rituals to this section. They're intensely personal things, and the material here is even weirder than the rest of what's here. But, back in 2000, there was a reason to post the Novena for Admonishing Lady.

Having broken my taboo, I also received some feedback on another, much shorter and simpler ritual I wrote some time ago, and it seems to me that it's time to post that one as well. Given the material, this is not a decision I've taken lightly - once again I have what I consider a good reason for posting, and I may now publish two others that have been in circulation for some time.

The third rite - "Feast Cantrip" arose from a discussion on the list shared by several of the owners of this site. It's posted for a friend. I do have some. Really.

I have, as Geoffrey Ashe wrote of his Grail Ritual in "The Finger and the Moon" reason to believe that these are valid rituals.

the story so far...

The last element is work in progress. It's another moving meditation like Fiat Monas. The release notes are here.

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