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The exercises on this page draw heavily on the basic techniques, and I'd ask you to look there and check that you understand what's happening before you embark on anything that's on this page. If the concept of magic, sex or any combination of the two is likely to offend you, you might as well stop reading now (but I don't understand why you came here in the first place, really). I've given these pages a contrasting colour scheme and title typeface from the main ffetcher pages, so you can tell when a link takes you away from the exercise material.

A controversial fitness campaign in the UK had the slogan "you'd enjoy sex more if you owned a pair of trainers". If you're going to build the symbols of the flowing well into a really powerful framework, then exercise is good for you. The physical exercises will concentrate on the PC muscles, and the legs and abdomen. The need for leg and lower body exercises may not be obvious, but there are good reasons why some positions are classics for sex-magic workings, and for sustained use these positions require regular exercise.

The mental portions of the exercises will help to bond the flowing well imagery to the sexual responses. I'd recommend combining the basic breathing exercise with the PC muscle exercises. Beyond that, to what extent you directly link your imagery with the exercises will depend on personal taste, objectives and your imagery itself.

The basic PC muscle exercises are probably quite well known, but bear repeating here. For the purposes of introductory exercises the muscles can be considered as a single group that control the buttocks and the flow of urine. Fortunately for our purposes the group include the vaginal muscles or those controlling the scrotal sac. If you need help identifying them, then wait until you will have a good flow of urine and then practice stopping the flow. Once you can stop and restart the flow of urine with some degree of facility, I don't recommend doing this any more - start to exercise the muscles directly.

For a woman, lie gently on your side or back, in whatever position allows you to relax as fully as possible. For a man, the obvious differences in physiology mean, at the beginning at least, sitting on a chair or the bed in a position that allows the testicles to hang free. Start the breathing exercises and get them running as normal. Now modify them slightly. Breathe in and hold the breath for a four-count.

For a woman, on each count, tighten the vaginal muscles. For a man, clench the buttock muscles and attempt to raise the scrotum. For the man, this comes with practice, and the technique enhances and prolongs orgasm sufficiently that it's worth pursuing - the benefit and intent of the woman's exercise should be obvious. Breathe out as you normally would for the breathing exercise, then cycle through the "normal" breathing exercise sequence once. Then repeat at least three more times.

Both sexes should finish the breathing exercise as you normally would, after completing as many repeats of the muscle exercise as you wish. In either case, you will probably want to build up the number of muscle exercises over time.

Without the breathing exercises, it's possible to exercise just about anywhere you don't have to move around. It's a useful reminder during the day, but I've seen people recommend three hundred or more a day in groups of fifty. I confess that for me, this smacks of serious work on the abs and pecs on a nautilus in the gym, something I don't do. However, since I may be missing something important here, I pass the information on, as they say, "without further comment".

As an alternative, to build on the "short breaths enhance orgasm" in the adoration of the rod, use a different breathing technique. Breathe in in four gentle but distinct breaths, imagining the light with the air reaching the extremities of the body as you do so. Now tighten the vaginal muscles or scrotum and exhale in the same way, stale energy leaving the body with each gentle explosion. Repeat three more times, wait, breathing normally, for a minute or so, then repeat the entire group.

For working on the legs, there are different techniques. Begin by warming up the muscles gently. If you already have a regime for this, follow it. If not, a period of swinging the upper torso from side to side, arms outstretched, makes a good starting point, to be followed by gentle jogging on the spot. Throughout what follows, one rule is inviolate: if it actually hurts, stop. Build up to this gradually and don't rush. If you're having real problems getting into it, then rather than surfing the web for a different warm-up, I'd recommend a basic fitness assessment from a competent instructor: these are usually free at a gym seeking new attendees, if you shop around.

Now, proceed to bend forward from the waist, raise one leg behind you and catch it in your hands. Gently, straighten as far as you can. Repeat with the other leg. Start perhaps with ten repeats, but go for less if it's uncomfortable. Next, sit on a firm surface (a towel may help) keeping the back as erect as you can without stressing it.

For a woman, bring your knees up with the feet together, and gently allow the knees to fall apart as far as possible. Ensure that your muscles are already warmed up properly, and, keeping the soles of the feet firmly together, gently press the knees a little towards the ground. Flex the thigh muscles in this position if you can.

For a man, sit crossed-legged. Gently, once again, press the knees downward. You can aim eventually for a lotus position (with each foot on the opposite thigh) but that's not the intent. What you need to build up is the ability to support your partner's weight for an extended period. Most people recommend using books placed on your hands, which in turn are on the knees. I actually found that just gradually working on the knees was enough. Besides, the only relatively mobile thing in the house which weighs as much as your partner is probably your partner.

For both sexes, you can conveniently add the PC muscle exercises at this point. If you haven't experienced this before, a combination of the leg stretches and working on the knees, with the breathing and PC exercises is quite something in and of itself.

Okay, enough. The only relatively mobile thing in the house which weighs as much as your partner is probably your partner. There's an obvious, practical and pleasurable way to practice this next bit, once you've got the basic exercises off pat.

Starting a magical working (or indeed a simple sex session) with warm-ups may sound odd, but in fact it makes a great deal of sense. Warming up the long muscles in the legs and arms enhances the body's ability to give and receive pleasure. After warming up, engage in a melting hug and allow this to proceed to loving bodily stimulation. Eventually, the man should sit up on a firm surface with his legs comfortably straight in front. The woman sits in the man's lap, impaled on his penis, with her legs around him - pretty close to the "Tortoise" position from the Kama Sutra. There are a number of variations but this is the most basic. Embrace each other and press together to maintain arousal. You'll find that you can't move very much even if you want to, but that's not the point.

Start to match your breathing: when you feel your partner take a breath, follow suit - since you've already spent some time on breathing exercises, synchronisation should be simple. You should find that with your bodies pressed closely and enjoyably together, the charged breathing adds to the experience. If you wish, add in the PC exercises as you did solo. The combination is sometimes referred to as a gateway or portal - to self, to enlightenment or simply to joy. Stay as long as you wish, feeling the arousal and energy spreading through your bodies. You may find images of the well come unbidden. If this happens, simply accept them at this stage, allowing them to flow, write them up in your journal afterwards and then discuss them. You may experience orgasms, which may be more prolonged and intense than normal: equally, you may simply find that orgasm is unnecessary. The main point of the exercise is to experience the ecstasy of union.

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