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This is a collection of articles that I've written over the years, although some still need to be re-styled. As with any collection that spans ten years, it's got complicated, so I've added a fledgling subject index to cover stories that cross categories. It's at the bottom, or available from the navigation on the right.

the story so far...

Comments These are articles I've written over the years for various purposes. They almost constitute a set of FAQs, because if more than about two people ask me the same question, I'll normally write it up to get my own thoughts in order - I just work better that way.

Experiences Unlike the comments, these are more experiential items about what I do, and my relation with the group. If youve stumbled across this page without reading the rest of the site, this materia is going to seem very strange. If you've come from somewhere else in the Ravenfamily site, then quite possibly this will seem perfectly normal.

Rituals I never intended to add actual rituals to this section. They're intensely personal things, and the material here is even weirder than the rest of the site. But, hey, why break up a winning team? (October'04 - I'm aware this stuff is tatty and I'mm in the process of revamping it. Ask if you want to see the new section).

The Flowing Well Sequence is a set of pages about what is normally referred to as sex magic, so if the concept of magic, sex or any combination of the two is likely to offend you, you might as well stop reading now. This isn't a pornography site with juicy pictures: what follows is a series of exercises building towards a full-blown ritual built around the motif of a sacred well.

Madeleine's Lantern is my final attempt to put the Madeleine material together. It's taking longer than I anticipated because posting work in progress is a great way to get people to point out where you're wrong, whereas asking outright for more information normally produces no response at all. However, I'm close to finishing now, so I've pulled it as of March 2007 so that I can get a clean run at it.

A Walk in the Woods started out as Elflight, a one-off sop to saccharine and a spur to finishing the Madeleine material. But it kind of got out of hand.

...why did you change it?

I know that there were some people out there who liked the envelope - I mean, design the site on the back of an envelope, why not make it look like one? And then, after getting a format that worked, why change it again (details are here)? There are several answers to why:

We all make mistakes - the envelope was too complex and very few people could read it anyway; or

the envelope itself has gone to that great paper recycling bin in the sky, which makes changes somewhat difficult; or

the next set of stuff I'm going to reformat won't work too well in that format, why make life difficult? or even...

making it look different reminds people I'm still here without me having to do much actual work...

your choice, folks...

The Draught of Love Sequence is also no more. I ceased updating it in November 2004 and by August 2006 it had become hopelessly adrift from where the Madeleine material was going. I don't think anyone was reading it any more anyway, but if anyone wants a copy of the final version, just email me.

new! subject index

The story of Gerald Gardner, the Crotona Fellowship and the New Forest Coven has fascinated me for more than thirty years. I don't think there was an hereditary coven, nor do I think that Gardner made it all up (the two extreme viewpoints). I may tread on a few toes, but this is my take.

Neuroscience is important to the understanding of what's happening here. If you feel threatened you're probably looking at the wrong site.

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